Fr.Abel CMI
Founder, Kalabhavan

“From the days I came to know about Kalabhavan, it has grown by leaps and bounds and is an outstanding example for young talent to blossom. I am sure Kalabhavan will continue its ascendance to bring in large numbers of young faculties and give them the opportunity to unfold their inner being.”
Justice VR Krishna Iyer, who inaugurated Kalabhavan almost four decades back:

Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer, Former Judge in the Supreme Court of India

Fr. Abel effortlessly demolished the caste-identification of art forms like Mohiniaattam, Kathakali & Bharathanatyam, earlier associated with Hinduism, encouraging artists from other communities to master these art forms. He could be viewed as a great communal and cultural leveller of Kerala. Fr. Abel thus transcended not only his clerical moorings, for he is a monk of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), but he also displayed a unique sensitivity to the role of music and dance in melding cultures.

Ms. Leela Menon, Senior Journalist

“Numerous talented artists who frequented Kalabhavan have transcended their homeland and mother-tongue to become resounding successes. There is no doubt Kalabhavan remains at the forefront in crafting versatile artists.”

Mr. Jayaram, Film Actor

“I firmed my singing practice in Kalabhavan. The training I got from Kalabhavan was excellent. It was Kalabhavan that taught me what stage was, and how to conduct myself on stage

Sujatha, Playback Singer

“The only alternative to Kalabhavan is Kalabhavan”

Lal, Director, Producer & Actor

“Kalabhavan is indestructible by anyone”

Siddiq, Director

“Kalabhavan was the turning point in my life”

Dileep, Cine Artist

“Learned the importance of time management at Kalabhavan”

K. S. Prasad, TV Artist & Director

“Wherever Keralites are there, Kalabhavan is also there”

Navas, Cine Artist

“I am still a Kalabhavan student”

Tesni Khan, TV Actress

“I am still known through Kalabhavan”

K. T. Kunjumon, Film Producer
Fr: Abel Kalabhavan
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